Whaler 101 -- Welcome to WhalerDAO

Welcome to the community forum of WhalerDAO!

What is WhalerDAO?

We fight DeFi whales to save the world.

WhalerDAO is a community of builders, researchers, legal experts, and community influencers who are dedicated to help solve the plethora of problems that the world is facing, using the power of blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi).

We call ourselves whalers, because we intend to take the control of DeFi protocols away from the rich & powerful “whales” and give it into the hands of the people, which is necessary for preventing DeFi from becoming just another tool for the rich to get even richer.

What does WhalerDAO do?


We influence the governance systems of the various DeFi protocols, in order to push for a transition from plutocracy to democracy, as well as to convince the communities that DeFi should be used for funding charitable causes. We do this directly through purchasing the governance tokens and participating in votes, and indirectly through engaging with their communities.


We develop useful tools for the DeFi community to understand how governance power is distributed and how votes are decided.

We also develop our own DeFi protocols to both show the community how DeFi can be used for doing good, as well as generate income for WhalerDAO which can be spent on donations and funding good projects.


We do research into novel models of governance that prevent the domination of rich & powerful groups and individuals, such as Conviction Voting and Quadratic Voting.

We research mechanisms for distributing funding to the most effective & beneficial nonprofits, such as Quadratic Funding.

We research ways to incentivize DeFi protocols to start devoting parts of their income stream to funding good causes, such as the Windfall Clause.

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