DAO Membership Proposals Thread

If you want to join the DAO! Propose us your membership

  1. What have you worked on / how have you contributed to the DeFi & DAO ecosystem?
  2. Why do you want to join WhalerDAO?
  3. What is your pledge size? (333 DAI minimum)
  4. What else should we know about you?
  5. You will need to pledge in DAI on IDChain.
    • You need Eidi tokens to use IDChain, which you can get for free following these steps.
    • You can transfer your Ethereum Mainnet DAI to IDChain using the bridge.
  6. Go to our Pokemol page and submit a request for membership tokens.
    • If you pledged x DAI, you should request \sqrt x voting tokens and x - \sqrt x loot tokens.
    • For instance, if you pledged 10000 DAI, you should request 100 voting tokens and 9900 loot tokens.
    • For the minimum pledge (333 DAI), request 19 shares and 314 loot tokens.
  7. Share the link to your membership request.


If I pledge funds and apply for membership but don’t get accepted, do I get to keep my funds?
Yes, you keep it all.

How long does it take for me to become a member?
We have DAO meetings every Friday where we discuss every proposal that is put forward to the DAO. Shortly after, further due diligence is done. We’ll immediately be in touch with you after the meeting. So roughly 1-2 weeks to become a member.

How else can I become a WhalerDAO member?
You can also join WhalerDAO by making contributions, in areas such as development, research, and community management.

  1. Worked on BrightID . Launched the first “membership” DAO, the first legal nonprofit DAO (nonprofit LAO), accepted the first loan as a DAO. Helped several other people launch DAOs.

  2. I love the ethos of making DAOs safe for non-whales, and I like conviction voting to fund public goods.

  3. 333 DAI

  4. Member proposal

  • Working on DAO related products, including conviction voting, at Aragon One and 1Hive
  • Im interested in building sustainable systems that help allocate/redirect funding towards common goods.
  • 333 DAI
  • Member proposal
  1. Collaborated with Zefram on early Betoken. Helped with comments to the WhalerDAO manifesto. Working on side projects with YFBeta. Participated in early YFI governance forum.
  2. I want to see more money in DeFi being spent on effective causes, as well as improved governance for moving funds.
  3. 333 DAI
  4. I have a blog: https://mlu.red/
  5. https://idchain.pokemol.com/dao/0x052f73d951b1f579c86ce3cd20a5ddbabd904f68/proposal/6

beep boop i am loop

  1. What have you worked on / how have you contributed to the DeFi & DAO ecosystem?
  • I’ve been working and learning with LexDAO these past few months, as well as been fairly active in the DeFi space since February, in both trading and developing. Currently, I’m diving into algos and NFTs.
  1. Why do you want to join WhalerDAO?
  • Sounded like a great idea when I first heard of it; can’t wait to help bring it to the forefront of DeFi :slight_smile: Giving back is important
  1. Pledge:
  • 441 DAI; 21 vote shares, 420 loot shares
  1. What else should we know about you?
  • I like pina coladas* and getting lost in the rain** (*whiskey, **weeds, pref.)
  • I recently rescued a kitty, she goes by E.V. or Toshi
  • I like math
  1. Share the link to your membership request:

AmwFund = digital asset fundraising arm of AM Winn Community Guild (PTO) for AM Winn ek-8 Public Waldorf School, a Title I school serving largely low-income & otherwise disadvantaged communities.
US reg EIN: 81-2138952 (501c3)

  1. AmwFund, Founder/Lead, https://www.amwwaldorf.org/digital-donations
    DeFi Bridge, same as above, https://www.amwwaldorf.org/defi-bridge
    Happy Kids Dirty Hands, same, https://happykidsdirtyhands.com/ (mostly dormant)
    The Good Souls Group, Founding Member, https://goodxrp.org/
    Commons Stack, Trusted Seed, https://commonsstack.org/
    Panvala, Caucus Member, https://panvala.com/
    TE Commons, Contributor/Steward, https://tokenengineeringcommunity.github.io/website/
    Gitcoin Grants, Contributor & Recipient

  2. Supporting public goods, pivoting incentives, community, learning, financial inclusion

  3. 333 DAI

  4. Said enough already

  5. https://idchain.pokemol.com/dao/0x052f73d951b1f579c86ce3cd20a5ddbabd904f68/proposal/9

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Hey whalers. My initial membership proposal (…/9) was intentionally voted down. I reversed the attributes. My bad. Resubmitted with hopefully the correct spread.

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In the past, I’ve purchased NFT’s and participated in yield farming. I’m looking to learn and contribute to DOA’s. I’m a very new member in lex_DAO and MolLeArt dao. I use wes.eth to learn more about NFT’s and use the below address to learn more about yield farming 0x64aBC5b10C77d93BE5038E7b4965D2F0D8279127. I 100 % agree with what Whaler DAO stands for and making sure to keep whales at bay.

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  1. Working on Commons Stack, cadCAD & BlockScience . Modelling conviction voting, dynamic bonding curves, and other fun stuff! Let’s collab =)
  2. Experiments are a good idea! As is equitable funding for public goods.
  3. 333 DAI
  4. I will be the first ticket sold in Yalor’s blockchain theater show.
  5. Member proposal
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Hi everyone :smiley:

  1. I am working on the Commons Stack, steward for the Token Engineering Commons, cadCAD, Verus, Hitchhiker’s Guide to Token Engineering - writing, editing, R&D and bridge building in Token Engineering and DeFi for Good communities. Excited to connect Whaler & the TEC!!!
  2. Would love to solidify existing relationships with people in the community and work together across DAOs to hack on how we can harness the power of DeFi for funding public infrastructure and ethically engineered economies aligning incentives around public goods.
  3. 333 DAI
  4. I love lamp.
  5. Member Proposal

Thank you <3

  1. Working with Community Currency Alliance, Commonsstack & Metarcartel . Im all in on social good x web3
  2. I wanna help develop dapps that combine fresh tokenomics with social impact
  3. 333 DAI
  4. Our xmas social good dapp https://cryptoxmas.xyz/ looks like it has same designer as tree.finance?
  5. Member proposal
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  1. CryptoWorldNews is a free 24/7 stream I started years ago in hopes of educating the masses.
  2. I want to be apart of something bigger than myself again.
  3. 333
  4. 4 year Army Veteran
  5. Membership Proposal
  1. Started Pool-Party that lets DAO’s auto invest their primary token into a DeFi wrapped token. Also working on DAOhaus.
  2. Love the mission of public goods funding
  3. 333
  4. Recovering lawyer, craft beer lover
  5. https://pokemol.idchain.one/dao/0x052f73d951b1f579c86ce3cd20a5ddbabd904f68/proposal/23