First WhalerDAO Donation

First WhalerDAO Donation

WhalerDAO is ready to send out our first Charity Donation from the WhalerDAO Charity Fund. After several months of development and raising funds in our charity treasury, we’re hosting our first voting party to propose and vote on non-profits to send our funds to.

When and where is the voting party happening?

Date - April 16th at 10AM PST
Location - WhalerDAO Discord Channel

How much are we sending?

We have a goal to allocate a total of 10% of the charity treasury. This can go all to one charity or multiple charities.

How can I propose a charity for allocated funds?

Reply to this thread with the following:

  1. Name of the non-profit or charity
  2. Link to organization
  3. Summary on why you think we should allocate funds to the non-profit

Can I propose a charity even if I’m not in WhalerDAO?

You can submit a proposal to this thread but someone from WhalerDAO must be willing to sponsor it.

We’re looking forward to this event! Come join in on the fun!

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