Introduce yourself!

Introduce yourself to the WhalerDAO community!

I’ll start. Hey everyone my name is Zefram, and I’m deeply interested in decentralized finance and governance. I’ve been developing a bunch of Ethereum dApps:

  • Betoken, a decentralized hedge fund managed by a meritocratic community governance system. Probably the first for-profit DAO on Ethereum (humblebrag lol)
  • Fantastic12, which lets you turn any Discord channel into a DAO. F12 DAOs support gasless voting, membership & treasury management, ragequitting, and interacting with Gitcoin.
  • 88mph, a fixed-interest-rate yield protocol that lets users earn upfront fixed-rate returns on their stablecoins and other tokens (LINK, SNX, LEND, etc.). It sits on top of Compound, Aave, Curve, and yEarn.

I’ve also been doing research into DAO governance models, which I post on my personal blog at Here are some good ones:

I’ve been involved with other DAOs such as MetaCartel and Raid Guild. And now I’m summoning WhalerDAO because I believe the world is in a bad place right now where we can’t even stop cheating and killing each other for one second, let alone face the existential crises like climate change and artificial general intelligence. I also believe that with the power of DeFi and DAOs we have a chance to jumpstart social change and save the world.


Hey, I’m Owen.

I’m Zefram’s roommate. I’m much more involved with the machine learning and effective altruism communities, but I’ve been trying to stay abreast of crypto involvements. I’ve done a mix of stuff, including:

  • A popular data visualization on death that hit the front page of Reddit and many other places.
  • An interactive essay on perceptrons.
  • A blog on cognitive science, stats, and stuff in between.

Zefram’s always got fantastic ideas brewing, and this project especially overlaps with a lot of my own thinking on social change and doing good, so I’m excited to be on-board. While I don’t think improved governance alone is going to solve this issue, I think this project will attract the a good set of people to figure out exactly what is needed.


Hey Zefram!

I am really curious and excited about the future of blockchain technology in general.

My name is Elliot or CryptoWorldNews :stuck_out_tongue:

I am hoping to create a blockchain-renewable-energy verification protocol.

I was able to go to John McAfee’s house for a few days and got a 1 on 1 interview

Still have 24/7 Twitch Stream, where my goals are to educate and provide information to the public for free.


I am not going to apply for membership just yet but I do like the community and want to learn more as this sector of blockchain develops more.